Century 21’s ‘Delivery Landing Pads’ Will Give Amazon’s Flying Robot Army A Place To Call Home

The future of delivery is not teleportation or 3D printing but rather a sky full of autonomous drones that know where we live, what we buy, and what we want for Christmas, and which will surely someday decimate our numbers by blacking out the sun. So it only makes sense that these doomsday devices should have a pleasant place to land while they silently learn our ways and calculate how best to defeat us in the inevitable war. That’s why Century 21 has unveiled the C21 Delivery Landing Pads, so that our future flying overlords will know exactly which homes are most willing to do their bidding… or something like that.

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  1. JoeBlow says:

    This makes a lot of sense to me. I was thinking it would be odd, setting up delivery based on your GPS location as described based on the amazon concept discussion, but if you have a landing pad, particularly if it’s semi permanently fixed to a location, that makes things even easier; The GPS could get the drone most of the way there, and it could possibly have a camera of some sort to recognize a landing target. Of course, the delivery of this video gives me the impression that Century 21 thinks this is a joke.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      Actually, with software easily able to distinguish and even identify faces, I figured that the GPS data could get the drone to within 20 feet of the street address, and then analyze the visual data by looking for a vertical break in the front of the solid shape (the front door in the front of the house), or a continuous path from the street up to a particular place in order to identify the best place to leave the package.