Oh Look, Someone Wants To Deliver Something Else With A Drone (Burritos) Because Drones!

Like some kind of unknown debutante at the ball who ends up dancing with George Clooney at the ball (just go with it), now that Amazon let everyone know that drones are the “it” way to deliver stuff in the future, everyone wants a turn in the spotlight. UPS is looking to dabble into drones as well — so why keep deliveries in boring boxes?

We are a nation of hungry people, and many of us are hungry for burritos. That’s why two engineers who met while working at Yelp have decided they’ve got a mission to provide for the rest of us, reports CNNMoney. Perhaps they had access to secret burrito files detailing the eating habits of the country, who knows?

The friends came up with the idea during a company-sponsored hackathon, wherein a customer would order their burrito through a smartphone app, prompting the tortilla-toting drone to soar through the skies to the delivery location based on the customer’s GPS.

Once the burrito is released, a parachute opens to allow your precious cargo to make its way safely to your eager hands.

Of course, it’s only a prototype right now because the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t currently allow unmanned aircraft in U.S. airspace. But come 2015 when the FAA looks at those rules again and we could live in a land with skies full of burritos. There are worse things I can imagine.

Drone carries your lunch: Burrito Bomber [CNNMoney]

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