Unclear Whether Ex-Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Accused Of 20 Robberies Was After Donuts

We can understand that there’s a temptation to sneak a little extra something for yourself on the side when you work somewhere that has so much bounty — oh wait, stealing money? Thought this Dunkin’ Donuts robbery story was about pilfering doughnuts, hmm. Money, that’s somewhat of a different issue.

Police and the FBI worked together to arrest a former Dunkin’ Donuts employee who they say is responsible for more than 20 armed robberies in the Boston area, reports CBS Boston.

And no, alas, it doesn’t seem like his heart was set on doughy goodness, just money. The 23-year-old was arrested at home after weeks of investigation into the armed robberies at local donut shops. He used to work for the chain and in at least one instance entered through the drive-thru window.

Things were so serious the police were offering a $10,000 reward (again, in cash, not baked goods) but it’s unclear whether anyone helped nab the suspect.

“We are working with the Canton PD to determine if a tip led to the arrest of the suspect,” a Dunkin’ spokeswoman said in a statement. “If not, we intend to donate the reward.”

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