Gingerbread Goes Inclusive With Sugar Cookie Chanukah House

chanukah_houseLooking for a fun Thanksgivukkah(TM) activity this weekend while your Christian neighbors put up their tree? Why not try frosting together the adorable sugar-cookie Chanukah House from Manischewitz?

We associate gingerbread houses with Christmas, but there’s nothing inherently Christmassy about them. They’re just some very large cookies held together with frosting and decorated with a shameless waste of candy. Anyone can do that!

Reader Rudy submitted this to us, noting, “My jewish buddy has never heard of these.” Yet, to our surprise, they’re not new: Amazon has reviews for them dating back to 2012. These reviews caution that it’s overpriced, and families could just buy a regular gingerbread house and make their own blue icing if they wanted to. Then there’s the problem with mail-ordering a box of cookies in the first place: the package isn’t designed to be mailed individually.

There is absolutely no way this can arrive with the cookies in one piece. The cookies are shrink wrapped and the just loose inside the box. Slamming around via UPS or USPS just impossible to not to end up with cookie sand instead of cookie walls.

So look for it at your local grocery store. Or don’t buy it at all. Pretty, though, isn’t it?

Manischewitz Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House Vanilla Cookie Decorating Kit [Amazon]

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