Would You Pay $65 To Have A Starbucks Espresso Drink Every Day For A Month?

Starbucks-Espresso-refill-tumblerDo you have a debilitating Starbucks addiction, buying multiple espresso drinks per day? Do you want to develop a debilitating Starbucks addiction? Either way, the coffee chain’s Black Friday deal just might be for you. You pay $65 for a stainless steel tumbler that comes with an entire month’s worth of free espresso-based beverages.

No, not brewed coffee: you’ll get all of the Grande-sized macchiatos and lattes that your heart desires. As long as you only desire one beverage per day.

The tumbler (that word always looks like it’s spelled wrong to me now, thanks to Tumblr) will only be available on Friday, and only as long as supplies last. It will be either the perfect gift for or the downfall of your favorite coffee-addicted loved one.

Starbucks puts the value of the package at $140, including the value of a stainless steel insulated tumbler and one espresso drink per day for the entire month of January. Brand Eating figures that the beverages alone are worth $124.

Starbucks Invites Customers to Share the Spirit of the Season This Black Friday [Press Release]

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  1. JoeBlow says:

    I can see buying this in two situations: The first is if you spend more than $65 in a month on drinks like that, and you buy this for yourself. The second is that you have someone you are comfortable in buying a $65 gift for, who occasionally enjoys drinks like that. Keep in mind that some of these espresso beverages are the “$5 coffees” that people accuse Starbucks of selling (a 16 oz. brewed coffee costs about $2), so the $124 estimate works out to a $4 drink every day. Also, at the end of the month, you still have the tumbler, so if you wanted to assign an arbitrary non-zero value to it, $10-20 would probably be in line with their other steel tumblers.

    Last year I bought their plastic tumbler that came with a month of drip coffee. I got more than my money’s worth in coffee I didn’t have to make, especially since I would occasionally find myself at a different starbucks later in the day, and would sometimes get a second “free” coffee. This worked out for me because I did end up travelling that month, so instead of finding some way to make my own coffee, I could just go to starbucks every day, something I wouldn’t do if I had to pay each day.