Singing McDonald’s Employee Is Apparently Not Annoying To Customers

mcdsingerWhile that Australia in McDonald’s is blaring opera music to drive pesky teens out of the parking lot, an employee at a McD’s in Ohio is apparently having the opposite effect on customers with her operatic renditions of songs like “God Bless America.”

The Akron Beacon Journal has the story of a local McDonald’s worker who seems to be taking the McResource “sing away stress” suggestion to the extreme, belting out tunes for customers during her 5-year tenure at the eatery.

“God has blessed me all of my life. There were three times when I almost died, and each time God pulled me through,” the 71-year-old tells the Beacon Journal. “The first was when I was 5 and living with an abusive foster family… Because nobody believed me, I stepped in front of a semi and waited for it to run over me. But it didn’t happen. The woman next door who was the mother of my foster mother called my dad and I went to live with another family… who were really an awesome match.”

She says she does most of her singing while working in the back of the restaurant so as to not interfere with customers’ conversations, but some of the regulars say they like it when the part-time employee takes her one-woman show to the seating area.

“She’s a real nice lady. She comes in every day and sings to us,” says one customer. “Everybody knows her in here, and they always ask her to sing because she’s such a good singer, she sounds like a professional.”

You can judge for yourself on the Beacon Journal website, which has video capturing the singing burger-slinger in action.

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