Winamp Shutting Down Forever After 15 Years — Wait, Winamp Was Still Around?

There are many readers who will no doubt read the above headline and, after wiping a tear or two from his eye, will surely rage, “Uh, I STILL USE WINAMP.” Rest assured, the astonishment that Winamp is still around comes from a purely nostalgic place. Winamp occupies that spot in my memory where I’ve just arrived at college, discovered Napster, and need juuuust the right Winamp skin to reflect my totally unique personality while playing awesome new DMB tunes. And now Winamp is about to go gentle into that good night.

Yes, Winamp, the Windows media player you might’ve used right around the time you learned about MP3s and needed something to play them, is shutting down after 15 years. Dec. 21 is set as the date of its demise, reports The Verge.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, many turned to Winamp to listen to the radio through live streams or to play whichever MP3s you definitely did not get off of Napster because that would’ve been wrong.

Its popularity has waned since then, and it’s been sitting in development with its owners as of 2002, AOL.

There’s no reason that we’ve found for putting the kibosh on Winamp, but perhaps it’s just a results of the times. The major players on the scene like iTunes and other built-in media players are now all the rage, and it’s likely many of you have forgotten about kind old Winamp, sitting in the corner in his rocking chair, remembering when.

Goodbye, dear friend. You played those bootlegged Dave Matthews Band concerts like nothing else could.

Winamp shutting down after over 15 years [The Verge]

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  1. Ravensclawth says:

    But, but…. Noooooo!
    I still use Winamp daily.
    What (don’t say Media Player) are people using instead, these days?

    • CommonC3nts says:

      People are mostly using VLC player. Some use Media Player Classic or just the windows media player on their computers then they use MP3 players for on the go.

    • dsmith says:

      For the rare occasion I listen to music on my computer, I use iTunes. Then again, I bought into the whole Mac ecosystem, so iTunes is pre-installed and works well-enough.

      I don’t think I ever used Winamp, but I used XMMS, a Linux Winamp-alike (that could use Winamp skins, that was its main appeal to me at the time).

    • ReverendTed57 says:

      WinAmp was my go-to for years – even made my own (very simple) custom skins – but for the last couple of years I’ve been using VLC Media Player.
      It’s free and handles just about any media I feed it.

    • fonmaj says:

      Clementine is a great open source iTunes alternative.

  2. BrainDamage says:

    It looks like the llama finally had enough asswhippings.

  3. Instegone says:

    That is a shame, used to be my favorite music play all through HS and college. I wonder if someone will buy the rights. They make an Android Music version of Winamp and it has very high review 4.5 out of 5 stars. Up until the other day they also had a pro version on the app store, but it looks like it was pulled.

  4. CommonC3nts says:

    Winamp is still way better than itunes.
    Winamp is great for playing music and converting formats, but there are too many good free options out there for winamp to waste their time in development. Might as well have your programmers work on other things.