Simon Mall Worker Opposes Thanksgiving Day Opening, Starts Petition

We don’t put much faith in online petitions as agents of change, but they can empower people who have no other way to speak out. That’s the case for a worker at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, N.J. who is wholeheartedly against his the mall’s plan to open during the evening of Thanksgiving Day.

As of right now, the petition on has 450 signatures. Sure, the signatures are important, but the worker’s introduction is especially damning.

The few holidays that grant Mall employees the ability to enjoy a day away from work should not be jeopardized or completely relinquished by corporate greed, because quite frankly while the corporate employee is relaxing with their family, we will be suffering from a slap in the face.

The petition’s humble proposal? For the mall to open at 2 A.M. on Friday, or at least to stay closed until the end of Thanksgiving Day.

Will the petition change decision-makers’ minds? No, not at this point. Neither will our posts on the subject, but maybe if enough members of the public find the idea repugnant, shoppers will stay home and the bosses will realize that most people are opposed to the idea. A blog can dream.

Update: Here’s an older, more popular petition, also from someone who works at at a Simon-owned mall and wants to speak out. This petitioner’s argument is similar:

Shouldn’t malls, which are family friendly establishments, have good morals and standards that fully support the American family and their values? This is a time for families to come together and enjoy a meal. To catch up. To have fun. Why are mall employees any different?

My store has a staff of 6. So basically you’re asking all of us to therefore put in a 12+ hour day… Absolutely ridiculous.

Simon Malls-Menlo Park Mall : Remain Closed on Thanksgiving Day or Open at 2AM on Black Friday, Not Open Both Days! []

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  1. webalias says:

    Give it up, already. I understand that Thanksgiving may be special to this New Jersey worker and to a lot of other Americans, and they have every right to express themselves. But there are many other days that are important to some members of our increasingly diverse population, and commerce goes on. Personally, I can think of a number of reasons not to like Thanksgiving: there are 76 million cases of food poisoning each year, causing about 5,000 deaths, and it tends to spike during Thanksgiving. And if you manage to survive the holiday without being poisoned, there is also the potential for weight gain. Then there are your relatives, or at least mine: Saturday Night Live’s “Drunk Uncle” character is funny because we know it’s based on truth. What we need is a new word in our dictionary to be embraced by those who aren’t all that fond of Thanksgiving — since “humbug” is already taken, by that holiday that rolls around a month later.

    • DyinMyelin says:

      Or conversely the metric tons of CO2 spewed driving to the malls, the auto fatalities, the mindless consumerism. It’s a time when people unplug and bond with family, and anyone working for 8 an hour in retail is doing so not because it is their dream job, but because they desperately need some, any form of income. As such, they can be exploited pretty easily, and I think that we should advocate for them to have this time with their families.

  2. ZLoth says:

    If you are going to launch any sort of petition about this, you should be doing it in July while the retailers are still finalizing their plans for the holiday season, not two weeks prior to Thanksgiving when the plans are set in concrete.

  3. Unholy79 says:

    I’ve got a very simple opinion on this. If you do not want to work on Thanksgiving, then don’t. With the current state of the economy and unemployment rate, for every 1 person who thinks they’re too good to work on Thanksgiving there are likely a dozen others who will gladly take their place.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      Great idea! The only thing missing is how you’re going to make Simon Property Group let all those willing volunteers work so that the rest of them can take the day off and keep their jobs. Or are you volunteering to cover an overnight retail shift for the petitioner?

  4. robinm says:

    Can’t the store in the second petition just not open? Every time I walk through the mall there are one or two stores that are closed. Can’t they set their own hours?

  5. illusio26 says:

    I’m all for blaming corporate greed, but you have to dump some of this blame on the consumer. Stores aren’t going to open for them to just sit empty. If people would stay home then these store would have no reason to be open.