Maple-Hating Philistine Condemns Pancake Plate

pancake_plateWe spill a lot of pixels writing about junk food and fast food here at Consumerist, but back in real life, we prefer much more wholesome fare. Like apples, or homemade blueberry pancakes drenched in grade B maple syrup. Sugary? Sure. Worth every sticky calorie? Yes. And yet, there’s a more efficient way to shovel syrup into our mouths, and someone condemned it.

Okay, the pricing of pancake plates, available from Uncommon Goods, is ridiculous. They cost $22.50 per plate, or about $21.50 more than I normally pay for my plates as a fan of thrift stores. A set of two costs $45, and they don’t even match. That’s really stupid.

The idea is solid, though. These plates have a handy reservoir for syrup, which you could also use for extra sauce for your ravioli, or to stash extra butter for your salt potatoes. The condiment in the reservoir has to be relatively liquid and easily dippable: there’s not much point to putting ketchup there, but gravy might work.

Yet one of our favorite blogs, The Worst Things For Sale, condemns this product. “[Y]ou could not glug a whole cup of syrup onto your pancakes, which would probably save you money on syrup, too,” writes Drew, missing the point entirely.  Why are you eating pancakes if not as a syrup-to-mouth delivery vehicle?

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