Clarifying The Clarification At The Gap

“Make up your mind, GAP!” wrote reader Synnerg when he submitted this photo using our Tipster App. Well, it’s not that they can’t make up their minds: they just keep adding clarifications and disclaimers to the existing sign.


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  1. schwartzster says:

    So does that mean that clearance and gift cards are excluded from being excluded, thus becoming included?

  2. CzarChasm says:

    They probably need to add another disclaimer for things like “employees, other shoppers and their belongings, and store furnishings and building materials.” People are pretty stupid, you need to make sure it’s clear.

  3. petepuma03 says:

    I despise signs like this. Stores should be prevented from using the words entire, all, everything, etc. if there are any exclusions… unless they prefix that word, in the same size font, with a word like ‘nearly’ or ‘almost’. Then, the list of exclusions must be in a font that is at least 50% the size of the words entire, all, everything, etc.

  4. MarthaGaill says:

    At least the store is trying to disclaim things before the customer gets to the register. This is really on the corporate office, their marketing department and their sign department.

  5. GrumpyGrampa says:

    “All our overpriced crap is on sale for an amount that is still out of touch with reality.” “But the stuff we make the big money on is not on sale.”