Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant Plays Santa, Buys PS4s For Local Walmart Shoppers

Dez posing for a photo with one of the lucky Walmart shoppers last night.

Dez posing for a photo with one of the lucky Walmart shoppers last night.

Last night, folks around the country lined up to get their hands on the new Sony PS4 gaming console when it was released at midnight. Among them was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, who got into the holiday spirit a bit early by footing the bill for several other shoppers’ consoles.

The initial Tweet, which included the photo seen here said that Dez was at Best Buy, but SportingNews.com confirms it was actually in a Dallas-area Walmart.

The man in the photo with Bryant says he was among the first five in line at the store to pick up a PS4 when he saw Bryant talking to a Walmart employee.

“He came over to the line of about 6 people and just said that he would purchase four PS4 and one for himself,” writes the lucky shopper. “He then handed over the cash… Dez was clearly being nice and in the giving spirit.”

As some of you know, I’m an Eagles fan, so it pains me to say anything positive about Dez Bryant, so I’ll just say this was a not-horrible thing for him to do. I also hope he becomes so engrossed with playing his new PS4 that his play declines significantly in the weeks to come, hitting bottom in week 17 when the Cowboys and Eagles face off for the second time.

[via Polygon]

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