Amy’s Baking Company Owner Calls For End To Reddit

amysupdateIt’s been several months since we wrote about the zany owners of Scottsdale, Arizona’s Amy’s Baking Company, the little restaurant that became world-famous after a now-infamous episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Nearly six months after claiming that Yelpers were threatening her life, Amy is now calling for an end to Reddit.

Speaking to FOX 10 in Phoenix about their plans for a new reality show, owners Amy and Samy are still beating the drum that sites with crowd-sourced content — the very places that reality shows rely on for fan support — are ruining their lives.

“I don’t know what to say, those people are insane!” Amy exclaims (because she only seems to live in exclamation-point mode) about Reddit, which she says “is for people that have nothing better to do with their lives.”

“It needs to be closed down,” she opines.

In the extended interviews below, she goes on to detail the supposed threats she’s received via Reddit.

“They say we should die, we should kill ourselves… our animals should die, our cats should die,” she tells FOX 10. “Look, if you don’t like our behavior on the show, I’m sorry — don’t watch the show.”

“We were entertained by it. We were authentic, we were real,” Amy says about her Kitchen Nightmares experience. “We had never been on reality TV before. It was certainly a learning experience, but you don’t have to threaten to kill my cats or threaten bodily harm to my husband and I because of the way we were portrayed on the show.”

Meanwhile, the response from Reddit to these comments has been rather calm, with none of the hellfire and damnation the ABC owners attribute to the site.

While I didn’t notice anyone threatening to kill her or her feline friends (who Amy treats like actual children), one Redditor did point out, “She’d like reddit if she knew reddit liked cats as much as she does.”

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    Notice how they claim to have received death threats, but won’t go to the police or FBI about it? They claimed the exact same thing on Facebook after the first fiasco, but quickly shut up about it after most people said they should get the police involved (which they kept shrilly threatening to do, but never did).

  2. robinm says:

    I can’t believe someone is going to give these nutjobs a reality show. They kept their employees’ tips! Unreal.

  3. nchiker says:

    She’s just looking for publicity, which she is getting. The Kitchen Nightmares show was somewhat entertaining to watch with them on it. But their shtick gets old really fast.

  4. C0Y0TY says:

    I’d say to have a reality show, one should be able to recognize reality, but considering the shows that are out there…

  5. StevenB says:

    @SingleMaltGeek, you have a really good point. If you’re receiving such threats then why no mention of police being called? This woman is full of it.

    I would also say that if she’s not liking certain attention, then take herself out of the public eye. I absolutely HATE when reality show people complain about the publicity and such and yet they chose to put themselves out there like that. SMH

    • Cheapocabra says:

      I get the impression that Amy is used to being told she’s pretty and everything she’s done is great. And she’s used to always getting her way. Her husband looks beaten-down and not very clever. Getting older is hard on a person who’s used to being treated like a prince or princess.
      On the other hand, they are both delusional and they allow their delusions to hurt other people. They deserve most of the anger they’ve received. I doubt anyone has truly sent them death threats. I do believe people have told Amy and Samy that they are awful people, because their actions are awful.
      When confronted with the evidence that they are monsters, Amy and Samy are quick to find someone — anyone — else to blame. It’s sady hilarious to watch them scramble to protect their egos. “It’s these anonymous people’s fault, not ours, that we are hated. We can blame them because they won’t present themselves for our derision, because calling the people on the internet mean names will totally explain/justify the terrible things we’ve done.”
      They are the business-world equivalents of a guy blaming his farts on the dog, but the farts are actually making everyone physically ill.

  6. Kakolukia says:

    It’s not like Redditors are the same types of people who will, when sufficiently provoked, hunt down every detail of a person’s life to find the skeletons and then post them online for everyone to see. She’s perfectly safe pissing off people on Reddit who have “nothing better to do.” (/sarcasm)

  7. PhillyDom says:

    This woman has never learned the First Law of Holes: When you’re in one, STOP DIGGING!

  8. CommonC3nts says:

    Why does she waste her time even reading reddit???
    If she does not read it then it wont bother her.
    Its like when people say they are bullied online, well then dont go to those sites or forums and then you can no longer be bullied.

  9. Xenotaku says:

    TL;DR translation: “Reddit doesn’t help ME, therefore it shouldn’t exist.”

    For more fun, replace “reddit” with “yelp”, “Gordon Ramsey”, “Kitchen Nightmares”, etc.

  10. CzarChasm says:

    I totally believe her story. After all, it is common knowledge that the internet hates cats and cat videos.