Now, Create Your Own Arby’s And Red Robin Meals At Home

3023_ 594Do you dream of creating the unlimited-steak-fries experience you get at Red Robin at home without so much as peeling a potato? Is the “Horsey Sauce” you get from Arby’s just the right combination of mayo and horseradish sauce that you simply can’t duplicate at home? Good news: no more stealing handfuls of sauce packets. Well, unless you’re cheap.

Yes, you can make your own roast beef sandwiches at home but still drown them in the fast food chain’s signature sauces. Arby’s sauce is their own version of barbecue sauce. The chain’s “Saucepocalypse” ad campaign encourages customers to slather the sauce on everything for some reason.

Such as Red Robin-branded frozen French fries. Arby’s-branded curly fries, of course, have been available in grocery stores for years. The sauce bottles will retail for a suggested price of $2.49 in stores, and a two-bottle gift pack will cost a bit less.

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