News Flash: Adults Stealing Candy From Kids’ Halloween Hauls

Stop feeling guilty for that raid-and-binge operation you’ll inevitably embark upon tonight when your child is fast asleep: 81% of adults admit they steal treats from their hardworking children on Halloween. But it’s still not okay for parents to steal their kids’ costumes from last year and squeeze into them for the office’s All Hallows Eve party. [NPR]

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  1. AMysteriousStranger says:

    Psh, it’s not theft. I’ve got 4 kids. When they get candy, we go through it all, they pick a few favs, and we toss the rest into a ‘treat box’ in the pantry, which they then eat for the rest of the year.

    It’s fair game!

  2. tingeyga316 says:

    I don’t consider it theft, I consider it the Dad tax.

  3. Raekwon says:

    Last night I had parents with their own bags and one couple carrying their fully asleep toddlers collecting more candy. I’d much prefer parental candy tax than full grown adults mooching candy directly.

  4. Alecto67 says:

    I call it my fee for services rendered. Namely – escorting them through the neighborhood, plus the hazardous waste removal portion (pretzels for a “treat”? Seriously?….or that stuff that’s so obviously left over from last year).