McDonald’s Has Pumpkin Pie. Don’t Eat It.

mcdonalds-Pumpkin-PieAs you may have noticed, the American food industry has an ongoing plan to put pumpkin or artificial pumpkin-like substances in every food item possible between August and November. However, just because you like pumpkin, that doesn’t mean you should try all of them. Here’s a new cautionary tale: McDonald’s now offers a pumpkin pie, but you shouldn’t eat it.

“If you’re getting one of these looking for a semi-competent pumpkin pie experience,” writes Charles Lam of OC Weekly, “you’re going to be disappointed.” Yes, it’s just McDonald’s pie crust wrapped around some pumpkin-like mush. Lam, who actually likes McDonald’s apple pies, doesn’t think that the whole dessert holds up. The filling is a blandly sweet mush, and the whole thing tastes faintly of cinnamon. It’s like the disastrous pumpkin spice M&Ms. Only you don’t expect something with most of the components of an actual pie (flour, shortening, some actual pumpkin) to just taste vaguely sweet and cinnamony.

In one way, this pie is superior to the drink that began this mania, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. It contains some actual pumpkin. Not all that much, since in the list of ingredients it falls after vegetable shortening but before high fructose corn syrup.

We Eat It So You Don’t Have To: McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie [OC Weekly]

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  1. EducationalGeek says:

    Anything Mc D’s is nasty!

    • jarkrt01 says:

      Ew, yeah. Agreed.

    • dsmith says:

      I must disagree. Get a couple of their apple pies and a caramel sundae. Pour the latter over the former in a gusto bowl. Enjoy.

      The pumpkin pies aren’t all that great, but what do you expect for something they sell two-for-a-dollar?

      • EducationalGeek says:

        When you look at what Mc D’s puts into their food……you won’t want to eat it.

        • Raekwon says:

          I look at it and still eat it. McDonald’s isn’t my favorite place but sometimes I want a McRib or some chicken nuggets.

  2. whoscryinnow says:

    I make my own pumpkins at home.

  3. 1Lettershort says:

    The Pumpkin Pies at McDonald’s are, frankly, atrocious, but the Strawberry Pies and the Strawberry and Crème Pies are freaking delicious.