Childhood Nightmare Comes To Life As Clown Attacks Customer In Taco Bell Drive-Thru

pennywiseLike something out a horrible dream from which you wake up drenched in sweat, screaming, a couple in Washington state were the victims of a clown attack while getting their food from a Taco Bell drive-thru.

KPTV in Oregon has the story — but sadly no photos or video — of the crime, which took place in the wee hours of Sunday night in the town of Battle Ground, WA.

A man and his girlfriend say they were first hassled in the drive-thru line by some folks in a blue truck. Then, when they were pulling through the parking lot to leave, the truck reappeared and a man in a clown suit got out of the vehicle and assaulted them.

The clown apparently sucker-punched the man while he was talking to the other person from that scary blue truck, knocking him to the ground and rendering him unconscious, then fled with the other non-clown gentleman (perhaps a lion tamer? maybe a knife-thrower?).

Police say a witness caught the whole thing on cellphone video (Why is this not on YouTube yet?!! There are plenty of Taco Bell fight clips, but none featuring a guy in a clown suit) and showed it to police, who were able to identify and locate the suspects.

The clown — whose name is not Dandy or Toodles or Pennywise but Lance — was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. Alas, he was not wearing his clowniform at the time of his arrest.

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  1. Mapache says:

    Only one clown came out of the car? Lamest trick ever

  2. Corbin says:

    After being a clown for a few years at a haunted house, I’m amazed to find how many people are terrified of them. It was delightful to me because I could do my job brilliantly but still amazing how many people we chased away from the place before they even went in.

  3. oneSqueakyWheel says:

    what’s in the food at taco bell that makes people act this way? oh- i know- “mad cows”- ha