Comcast Reportedly Set To Offer Limited Service That Includes HBO Go

People who watch HBO Go generally seem to like the premium network’s streaming service. But the fact that an HBO subscription also requires you to have a basic cable package makes it cost-prohibitive to many consumers (which why so many people use their friends’ passwords to access HBO Go without paying). At the same time, cable subscribers are realizing they don’t watch most of the hundreds of channels being offered and are cutting the cord to go streaming-only. To appeal to both of these groups, Comcast is reportedly prepping to launch a pared-down package that would cost less but also include HBO and HBO Go.

According to DSLreports, “Internet Plus” would combine a limited lineup of around 20 cable channels, Internet service (25Mbps download speed), access to Comcast’s Streampix streaming service, and HBO and HBO Go. Depending on the market, it would go for between $40-50. It’s unclear if that would be a promotional price that would later increase or if that would be the long-term monthly cost of the subscription (we’re betting on the former).

The goal is to give cord-cutters an option that keeps them paying Comcast for both cable and Internet, while also luring in those customers who never seriously considered getting HBO because it would have required the monthly investment of a basic cable package that went unwatched.

It’s far from the standalone HBO Go that people have been calling for, but for customers who want Internet service and HBO Go, it may not be a horrible deal. We’ll have to reserve final judgment until after the full details are revealed.

DSLreports says the package will start rolling out this month, though it may not be available in every market.

I live in the shadow of the Comcast tower in Philadelphia and this is the first I’m hearing of it, but if any readers get word about an offer from Comcast that resembles this Internet Plus package, feel free to let us know at

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