Create Your Own Hideous Jack O’Lantern Pizza Abominations At Home Thanks To Papa Murphy’s

papa-murphys-jack-o-lantern-pizza-2013Papa Murphy’s is a chain where you pick up your pizza, then take it home and bake it yourself. If this seems like it is beside the point of getting takeout pizza, well, maybe it is. In the case of their jack o’lantern pizza, though, it might be secretly brilliant, since it puts responsibility for screwing up the pepperoni happy face squarely on the pizza-baking consumer.

We’ve all seen the pizza blobs that result when Papa John’s tries to make a heart-shaped pizza. The results have more to do with the physics of baking and melting cheese than with any screwups on the restaurant’s part, which is why the Papa Murphy’s plan is so brilliant. The smiley pepperonis are less likely to shift around when the pizza is never put in a box and carried around while fresh and hot. Also, however little the end result looks like a real jack o’lantern, more of the blame goes to the home pizza cooker rather than the shop that made it. Theoretically.

Prices for this festive pizza, which features a dough stem-like thing and a pepperoni face with olive pupils in its eyes, vary by location, so check before buying if that’s what you’re into.

News: Papa Murphy’s – Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Back for Halloween [Brand Eating]

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