Another Weekend, Another Restaurant Owner Meltdown On Facebook

alphaomegaThere was a strange confluence events in downtown Troy, N.Y. this weekend. A concert and several parties, all intended for college students, were canceled at the last minute. Bored young adults roamed the streets. All this was too much for one nearby late-night eatery. The person running their Facebook page had a meltdown that measured about a 7 out of 10, where a 10 is Amy’s Baking Company.

According to local news outlets and police, here are the facts of what happened. The concert, which about 500 people showed up for, got canceled at the last minute. People heard about another show at a nearby club, which was a a party for several fraternities with an established invitation list. As anyone who has ever been a 20-year-old could have predicted, things got out of hand.

“By 10 p.m. last night, we had 400 to 500 people without a party and 160 people who were rightfully expressing their right to get into the party, and that combination certainly became a potential recipe for trouble,” a police spokesman explained to the Troy Record.

The person running the restaurant’s Facebook account, meanwhile, made a series of posts keeping customers apprised of the situation downtown. It began simply enough.


We later learned, of course, that the nightclub wasn’t at fault, but sometimes you get bad information in a crisis.



Well, they’re sure to change these inflammatory statements once the truth comes out and the confusion is over.


Or not.



Private messaging people who complain about the Facebook rants? Surely no business owner would do that.



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