Verizon Tests Same-Day Delivery Of Phones For People Too Busy To Go To The Store

Are you a Verizon Wireless customer who wants a new phone but A) doesn’t feel like waiting for delivery and B) doesn’t feel like going to the store to buy one in person? If you also happen to live here in Philadelphia, you might be in luck.

No, I’m not offering to sell and deliver any of my old phones to people in the area (though if anyone wants a 12-year-old StarTAC, I can make you a great deal). Verizon has chosen Philadelphia as the launch site of its new same-day delivery service for online purchases.

There are some catches and costs associated with the service, as customers have to place their orders before 10 a.m. and fork over an additional $19.99 fee for the same-day delivery. That’s five dollars more than what VZW charges for priority overnight shipping.

Another couple of hiccups: No accessories and no prepaid phones. So you can pay extra to get your new smartphone, but you’ll have to wait or go to the store to get the appropriate cover for it.

Customers that place their order by the 10 a.m. deadline are supposed to have their new devices in-hand by 7 p.m. that day. Verizon says it will contact customers if there is a delay.

After the Philly launch, the company plans on expanding the service to the areas surrounding New York City, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco.

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