We Need To Know More About The Burnt Toast That Shut Down An Entire Airport

It’s a simple thing to tell everyone that the reason an airport had to be evacuated is because burnt toast set off a fire alarm. But that still leaves us with so many questions about the alleged bread whose toasting shut down the Burlington International Airport in Vermont this morning.

The toast situation began in the wee hours of Friday morning, before the breakfast rush because of course, there isn’t as much toast being made later in the day.

Airport officials tell WCAX.com that the fire alarm went off when someone, somewhere in the airport burned toast, prompting them to evacuate the airport briefly.

After about a half hour delay, things got back underway and passengers were able to make it back through security and all systems were a go.

All’s well that ends well, right? But we have so many more questions that have yet to be answered by the local news: What kind of bread was being toasted (because I feel like rye might smoke more than others, or even raisin swirl if a raisin falls into the heating apparatus)? Was it multiple smoky slices that had the power to trigger the fire alarm, or a lone piece of overly cooked bread? What kind of toaster setting allows for such a powerful burning? Was no one around to fan the smoke away from the detector with a large sheet or tray of some sort? Who discovered that the toast was to blame, and how silly did the whole situation seem at that point?

We might never know the answers, but we had to air the important questions in case we face a situation like this in the future.

Burnt toast forces airport evacuation [WCAX.com]

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