Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Pampers, Country Crock, Kevita

Disposable diapers, carbonated probiotic drinks, and “spreadable butter.” What do they have in common? They’re all recent victims of the Grocery Shrink Ray, spotted by our alert readers across the country.


“The box on the left is the new Pampers box design with marketing all over the diaper aisle and entry doors at Babies ‘R’ Us. The box on the right was purchased about one month ago,” notes tipster S, pointing out that the newer Pampers are thicker than the old ones, but “neither are as well padded as the Huggies.”


Heather noticed that her Kevita probiotic drink was just a little bit smaller than previous purchases, though the price remains the same.


Ronald noticed that part of the “new look” for Country Crock is three fewer ounces in a container, slimming it down from 18 ounces to 15. “The same price at the store,” he grumbles.