Don’t Strip Naked & Urinate On An Airport Tarmac If You’d Like To Avoid A Tasering

While it’s surely better to strip down to your birthday suit after you’ve deboarded a plane, no matter when you start pulling shenanigans, if you do it an airport the authorities will not be pleased. Add in public urination and telling the captain you’re going to fight him and well, things are going to get taser-y.

Police in Manchester, UK say a passenger who’d just gotten off a flight from Malta was apparently drunk when he stripped naked on the airport tarmac and challenged the captain to a fight, reports The Guardian.

In an incident caught on video, the man reportedly strips down to his black underoos while shouting, urinating on the side of a terminal building and otherwise behaving badly. When he whipped off his underpants, his female companion smacks him before he finally puts his clothes back on.

It reportedly started on the plane when the man allegedly became abusive and started swearing at other passengers. The captain came back into the cabin to chide him like the bad child he was acting like, which is maybe what made the man want to challenge him to a fist duel later.

When he was done peeing and being naked, he went to collect his luggage and was apprehended by police. He reportedly refused to cooperate and was stunned with a dry Taser. He was then arrested and issued a fine.

Drunk plane passenger strips naked on tarmac at Manchester airport [The Guardian]

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