This Woman Says She’s The Voice Behind The iPhone’s Siri



If you ask Siri, “Siri, where did you get your voice?” she’s probably not going to tell you. In fact, Apple won’t say who, if anyone, is the voice behind the iPhone’s digital assistant. But one voiceover actress says she laid down vocals for a client eight years ago and says those recordings turned into Siri. Making her, in effect, Siri. But without all the handy knowledge.

CNN sat down with the Atlanta woman who says she had no idea her voice was speaking to millions of Americans until a friend called. When she first heard herself talking, she said it was a bit weird.

“To be honest it was a little creepy,” she explains. “I’m used to hearing my voice maybe in the airport, but… this real thing that you can interact with in your hand was a little… it took some time for me to get used to it. But she and I are friends now.”

Apple isn’t confirming it, but CNN claims to have an audio-forensics expert who is “100%” certain that the voices match.

As for why she’s revealing herself now, she says it took her a lot of mulling before she decided to come forward. That, and there was report from The Verge about the voice behind Siri, which led to another woman mistakenly being dubbed as the talent.

“I really had to weigh the importance of it for me personally,” she says. “I wasn’t sure that I wanted that notoriety, and I also wasn’t sure where I stood legally. And so, consequently, I was very conservative about it for a long time,” she said. “And then this Verge video came out … And it seemed like everyone was clamoring to find out who the real voice behind Siri is, and so I thought, well, you know, what the heck? This is the time.”

“I’m the original voice of Siri” [CNN]

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