Chameleon Theft Triggers Bad Karma After Customer Uses Loyalty Card To Buy Reptile Food

There is no way we could ever write about a chameleon without also mentioning karma because otherwise we’re sure Boy George would appear to chastise us for our oversight. And in the case of a pet store customer accused of stealing a Jackson’s Chameleon, karma really is a brat: Cops say he was caught after he swiped his loyalty card while buying food for the pilfered reptile.

The Sun-Sentinel tells the story of a Florida man who tried to save some money by first allegedly stealing a pet and then by going for some reward program points when he bought it food.

Cops arrested the 20-year-old for the theft of the unique reptile, a Jackson’s Chameleon residing in a secured aquarium at Petco.

Employees told the police that two customers somehow reached inside the enclosure to snag the reptile, and then kept on shopping. A chameleon has to eat, after all, so the twosome reportedly picked up live crickets and mini mealworms.

When the suspect went to check out, he of course used his loyalty card to rack up reward points, which also served as a great way to trace him back to the stolen reptile. Police looked at surveillance video at the store and then matched it up with a copy of his receipt.

Police contacted the suspect and he apparently confessed, agreeing to bring the chameleon back to the store. Unfortunately for the innocent reptile, the journey proved too strenuous and he died in transit.

Loyalty customer is rewarded with an arrest [Sun-Sentinel]

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