This Rain Poncho Is One Size Fits All Kids, Unless They’re Fat

A rain poncho isn’t really a size-dependent garment. As long as it’s short enough that you don’t step on it while you walk, it’s fine for a variety of body sizes. That’s why reader Chris found this item description for a rain poncho at Gander Mountain surprising and sent it to us. It’s either refreshingly blunt or needlessly rude, depending on your point of view.

“This description made me not want to buy this poncho,” wrote tipster Chris.

ponchoWe had to find out which it was, so we called up Gander Mountain Base Camp (which is really what the recording says when you call their corporate headquarters.)

The person who answered the phone in the Media Relations tent at base camp was stunned to hear that a listing on their site said something like this, and promised to look into it. There’s no way, a Gander Mountain rep assured us, that referring to children in such terms is an official company policy. They plan to check out how this ended up on the site.

Unfortunately for anyone in need of a child-sized camouflage poncho, they’ve now taken the item down rather than removing that line from the description. (Here’s Google’s cache of where it was.)

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