Stupid Shipping Gang Keeping Plastic Air Pillow Industry Afloat

Plastic bag air pillows are useful for keeping breakable items from bouncing around in a too-large box. We have to wonder, though, whether there are too many pillows out there in the world because of the hard work of the Stupid Shipping Gang. It could be that terrible boxing is responsible for artificially boosting sales of air pillows.

For example, Amy received a paper trimmer from Office Max in this box:


Meanwhile, Bethany ordered some items from Zulily and got it in a nice large box that included lots of air pillows, and then some incidental leggings and an iPod charger cable. She writes:

I ordered seven or eight things from Zulily a few weeks ago and just received my first shipment. I understand that they have more than one warehouse, so having multiple shipments makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that the box I got today contained a new charger cable for my iPod, a pair of leggings for my toddler, and SEVEN sections of inflatable packaging. The items I purchased – no joke – could probably have been shipped in a regular legal-size envelope; instead they were sent in a 12x8x9 box with lots and lots of air to presumably keep them from rattling around (since nothing is breakable). I am expecting the next shipment to come soon, which contains a reusable tote bag. I assume it will arrive in a refrigerator box or something of that ilk, but here’s hoping its packaged somewhat more efficiently!




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