United Airlines Will Honor Those Super Cheap Tickets It Didn’t Mean To Sell Last Week

Whoever was able to snag cheap tickets from United Airlines last week — in the $0 to $10 area — you’ve got the eyes of a hawk and for that, we commend you. You’re also in luck, because United says it’s going to allow those observant customers to use their super cheap tickets, instead of pulling an apology-but-too-bad-so-sad move.

The error hit United’s site on Thursday afternoon, briefly allowing an untold amount of customers to scoop up fares so cheap, you’d think a departing employee was pranking the airline big time. But nope, it was just a manmade problem while someone was filing fare prices into United’s system.

It took United until Friday to issue the final word on whether or not travelers would have those rock-bottom fares recognized when they turned up at the airport to fly, writing on Twitter Friday afternoon:

The airline still isn’t fessing up to exactly how many customers were able to snag one of these low rates, but whoever you are, we salute you. And I want to grow up to be just like you (because have you seen the prices for Thanksgiving flights? AlreadY? Oof).

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