Watch Fashionistas Rave About Hot Designers Like Joe Isuzu, Meadowlark Lemon & George Costanza

Sure, people have been making videos outing fashion, food, wine, movie, and music snobs for years by getting them to rave about some completely made up person, product, or place… but it really never gets old.

Jimmy Kimmel took his cameras out to New York Fashion Week, that brief time period every fall when pretension levels reach a dazzling crescendo, to see if fashion-forward folks would lie about being familiar with fake designers and fashion trends.

For example, when asked about the designs of the great Joe Isuzu, one person responded that he had “Good silhouettes, good flow,” without even missing a beat or realizing that Joe Isuzu was a fictional TV pitchman for the Japanese automaker.

He then nodded thoughtfully and agreed as the interviewer went on to describe Isuzu’s “vehicular style.”

Others talked about the work of Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon (“He’s like, more my style”), and not being sad about missing the Ricardo Montalban show. It’s okay, as Ricardo probably didn’t notice her absence from the nonexistent show, being that he died in 2009 (and everyone knows that he only ever did Milan Fashion Week!)

One young woman actually admitted she didn’t know the work of George Costanza, but her friend came right out and said, “I like more of his style,” giving hope to all of us stocky, balding men with anger issues.

Purina Chow is not just food that you feed your dog. According to one Fashion Week attendee, she’s also the next big thing out of Asia.

“I think it’s great,” he tells the interviewer. “The thing about Asian style is that it’s very unique.”

World-weary door-to-door salesman Willy Loman has apparently traded in his trunk for a needle and thread, at least according to one young man.

“I just saw something from Willy Loman a couple weeks ago; just learned about him,” he says, giving no indication that he’s completely lying through his teeth, “so I’m not that familiar with him to be able to know exactly what direction he goes into but what I saw was very nice.”

Perhaps the best part is when, after being shown an alleged runway photo of a male model with a watermelon on his head, one arrogant, fluorescent-haired fella chides the interviewer with, “It’s called fashion. Look it up.”

If you’ll just excuse me, I need to pick up my George Constanza fall collection sweatpants from the tailor.

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