Walmart Will Again Sell New iPhones Cheaper Than Apple’s Retail Price

The neon! My eyes!

The neon! My eyes!

Walmart knows you’re positively panting with anticipation at getting your greedy little paws on Apple’s newest dingledongles, the iPhone 5s and its purty plastic counterpart, the iPhone 5c. And in order to make sure customers come a’swarming through its doors on the big day, the retailer is offering a discount on both phones.

Walmart announced it will carry 16GB versions of both devices and offer a price cut on both, providing customers sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint: The iPhone 5c will sell for $20 cheaper than Apple’s price at $79, while the iPhone 5s will go for $189, a $10 cut, reports

Preorders will be open at local stores tomorrow for the iPhone 5c, while the iPhone 5s will be available in stores on Sept. 20 with no preorder available.

Join us in our state of non-shock — Walmart usually sells Apple’s phones on the cheap, making this not much of a surprise.

So why is Walmart doing this? For one thing, it’s timed closely to the Sept. 21 trade-in program the retailer is offering this year. And for another, despite the fact that Apple isn’t giving Walmart any kind of discount, if it can manage to sell more phones, albeit at a lower price, it might make up the difference.

After all, there are a heckuva lot more Walmarts out there than Apple stores.

“Because of our size and scale and what we’re able to do, we’re able to provide these prices,” explained a Wal-Mart spokeswoman.

Want to buy iPhone 5c or 5s? Wal-Mart will sell them at lower price []

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