This Lasagna Has Been The Internet’s Most Popular Recipe For Over 10 Years

So you say you love lasagna. But have you had the World’s Best Lasagna? Neither have I, and it could be time: According to the Internet, there can be only one best recipe on the World Wide Web and it belongs to this lasagna preparation, dreamed up by an ordinary man, living an ordinary life.

The 43-year-old cook behind The World’s Best Lasagna — a towering feat of ground beef, sweet italian sausage and ricotta cheese — is a humble man, despite his culinary fame. Heck, even his friends can’t believe he’s such a famous guy.

“Most of them didn’t know I had this recipe,” he tells the Washington Post of the recipe he posted in 2001 at his girlfriend’s suggestion. “It’s not something I go around beating my chest about. But it makes an interesting icebreaker, you know?”

Of course, there’s no actual way to calculate the very most popular recipe of all Internet time, but The World’s Best Lasagna’s record is far from shabby: It’s earned 10,423 ratings and been “pinned” to Pinterest more than 25,000 time, and has topped’s recipe rankings for more than 10 years.

AllRecipes estimates that it’s been viewed by 12 million people in the last five years alone.  So if you think you’ve got a contender that can beat those numbers, speak up nor or forever hold your noodles.

The Consumerist team has heard your cry, mighty lasagna. We’re coming for you in the very near future.

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