Ontrac Takes My Amazon Package On Weeklong Vacation, Delivers It Alongside Replacement

We hear wonderful things about Amazon Prime…except from readers who live in parts of the country served by smaller shipping carriers like Ontrac and Ensenda. Reader Z. recently reported a package missing, and Amazon sent a replacement. Ontrac brought both the original package and the replacement on the same day…a week after that original shipment was supposed to arrive.

Where did the package go? What did it do on its exciting vacation? We might never know.

Z. writes:

About Ontrac marking packages as delivered while they are not: it happened to me twice in a row when carrier was Ontrac.

First, they marked one package as delivered. I contacted Amazon, they said it’s “lost” and sent a replacement. A week later, on exactly the same day, the original package arrived as well as the replacement. Couldn’t return the replacement to Amazon as it was considered food.

This week, I got status “delivered” on the date Amazon said the package will be delivered. I came back home 10hrs after it was supposedly delivered. Again, I couldn’t find any package. I suspect they will do the same trick with delivering after the estimate date.

The funny thing is this happened twice in a row when Ontrac was carrier. UPS/Fedex/USPS work fine for my address, no problems so far, no stolen packages.

We contacted Ontrac to find out what’s going on, whether they can tell us what is going wrong with our readers’ packages, and will let you know when we hear something back.

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