McDonald’s Testing Giant Family-Size Happy Meal In Kansas City

(Burger Business)

(Burger Business)

Boxes of meat and sides designed for a whole family to eat have been a staple in fast-food chicken, but why can’t you buy a giant box o’burgers? Good question. McDonald’s is testing a great big family-size dinner box as part of a promotion with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

This is, according to industry site Burger Business, the first time that the company has marketed a family meal box in the United States, but not the first time that they’ve tried it in general. They’ve tried family-size meal boxes in the Czech Republic and Australia, a two-person “Mates Box” in Australia, and a family-size breakfast box in Malaysia.

The company says that the box is a local promotion that has to do with McDonalds’ sponsorship of the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re not admitting whether it’s a test of a potential permanent menu item, but that would definitely make sense. A box meal offers the same benefits as a combo…just more of it. It gives customers a discount off the sticker price of the items, that’s true, but also locks customers in to the purchase of high-profit but optional items like fries and soft drinks.

McDonald’s Blitz Box Tests Multi-Meals [Burger Business]

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