There’s A New iPhone Coming. Where Should You Sell Your Old One?

Every year, the trees shed their leaves before winter comes, and gadget-lovers shed their iPhones once the new one appears on store shelves. While rumor circulate about exactly what the newest version will have (a thumbprint reader? A glorious golden case?) we know for sure that Apple fans want to know where they can get the most cash for their stale old phones.

Our estranged ex-sibling site Gizmodo already looked into this, so you can start planning to dump your current iPhone now, before the new one is even announced next week. Just don’t read this post on your iPhone. You’ll hurt its feelings.

Depending on the specifications and condition of your phone, Gizmodo figures that you can sell it for between $225 and $500 on Craigslist, and $230-$430 on eBay. Both venues require vetting your buyer and making sure that they aren’t an international fraudster, but neither should be very hard if you’re paying attention.

Among the worst options are trade-in programs through Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Apple itself. Doing a simple trade when you buy your new phone is the easiest option, but doesn’t get you those great prices.

Don’t forget the flip side of this, either: if you’re a late adopter, this can be a good time to get a deal on an iPhone 5. Not from a store, but from a friend, co-worker, or other person you trust not to throw their phone around when they’re looking to sell their handset.

Where To Sell Your iPhone 5 For the Most Money [Gizmodo]