NFL’s New Stadium Bag Policy Is Great, Until People Blame It For Car Burglaries

thumbThe National Football League recently put new rules in place about what kind of bags fans can bring inside stadiums, a change intended to speed up security screening. All bags but the tiniest of purses need to be made of clear plastic, as if we’ve suddenly become a nation of retail employees. That’s fine…until fans blame the policy when their non-conforming bags get stolen from their cars in the parking lot.

Companies generally claim that they aren’t responsible for valuables left behind in their parking lots, which is fair. One fan in Denver says that she measured her purse before heading to the game, and it fit the specifications that the NFL has published for acceptable bags. Still she was turned away at the gate and stashed her purse in the car.

Predictably, miscreants broke into the car, leaving behind broken glass and blood and taking her bag. What this fan complains of, though, is that she wouldn’t have left her purse in the car if not for the new bag policy. Is the team to blame, or is the NFL for not letting in a bag that supposedly falls within is published limits?

Car Burglary Victim Says New Stadium Bag Policy Is Partly To Blame [CBS Denver]

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