McDonald’s Considering Switch To “Dollar Menu & More” (Where “More” Means Higher Prices)

While not each and every McDonald’s has a Dollar Menu with items that actually cost a dollar (Looking at you, NYC-area “value” menus), for the most part it’s been a draw for customers knowing they can get a number of of products for only a buck. Although now the company says its thinking of changing to a “Dollar Menu & More” value menu, the more being in this case, more money.

Mickey D’s said in a statement (via the Associated Press) today that its testing a new version of the dollar menu, dubbed “Dollar Menu & More.” It seems there will probably still be items selling for just $1, but others will cost more than that.

No official changes are underway for the Dollar Menu yet, said McDonald’s, a menu that’s been in place for over 10 years. Other than that, the company isn’t revealing what changes to expect, or where the More menus will be tested.

This isn’t the first time a fast-food chain has tinkered with a value menu — Wendy’s went from touting a 99-cent menu to its “Right Price Right Size” menu that has options costing up to $2.

Perhaps next someone will come out with a “It’s Cheap!” menu. That way there’s no dollar values promised and no firm expectations to disappoint.

Let us know if your local McDonald’s switches things up anytime soon, and if so, what’s going for more than $1 and what has been deemed okay to sell for a buck. Send an email to with any tweaks you see.

McDonald’s exploring changes to Dollar Menu; some items would cost more than $1 [Associated Press]

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