Don’t Get Your Beer Bong And “The Pee Straight” Contraption Mixed Up



There are things out there that are summoned into existence by sheer necessity. These objects might seem ridiculous, but they still serve as reminders that somewhere out there, someone is in dire need of a specific product. Which means a whole lot of people must be having a problem with aiming their streams. Hence, the Pee Straight is a thing that exists. Just make sure you don’t store your Pee Straight next to your beer bong and you’ll be fine.

The Pee Straight came to be simply because of a new law in a southern Chinese city, reports NBC News: The Shenzhen City Public Toilet Management Act lets officials fine people using municipal toilets for spraying outside the urinal borders, among other things.

So instead of paying $15 each time your aim is off, he inventors of the Pee Straight will provide you with a bit of plastic tubing and a funnel for the low price of about $1.65.

And lest you think it’s only the menfolk who need stream savers, there are his AND hers versions. The lady style just comes with a shorter pipe.

The man who invented apparently admits he won’t get rich from the Pee Straight, but there are all those civic benefits to enjoy — namely, less pee splattered around.

The social media reviews are in and it appears that the people are clamoring for The Pee Straight, with one writing on Chinese social network Weibo: “Apply for the patent!! Hurry up before it’s too late!”

I’m going to take “too late” to mean before anyone else figures out how to copy such an artful design. That or all the city’s bathrooms are doused in defiance of the new ordinance.

Having trouble with your aim? Chinese contraption helps you ‘Pee Straight’ [NBC News]

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