Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Remain Lost In 2011

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart search the retail landscape without ceasing for the finest and least valuable retail antiquities. What items have they found recently that you should absolutely not ever buy?

Brian snapped this picture of some PC games that debuted in 2004 still on the shelves of his local Walmart.



“Granted, at least Everquest II is still receiving new expansion packs,” he notes. “I guess their presence on the shelves is a testament to their long-lasting popularity!” That means that it has plenty of loyal players, but is anyone new picking up the game?

Brandon sent along this atlas from the shelves of his local Big Lots. Sure, Big Lots is a closeout retailer, and things probably haven’t changed that much since 2011, but maybe they have.


Finally, how’s our old friend the MobiBLU MP3 player doing? It cost $110 in April of this year, and at another store was down to $60. Frequent Raider Knah spotted one at his local Walmart this week and sent it in. How much is it now?


Well, that’s unfortunate. Wait a minute, though…how long has this player been sitting in the clearance aisle?


That’s even more unfortunate.

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