Two Whole Aisles Of Thanksgiving Decorations Out At Dollar General

If just ceramic turkey figurines aren’t good enough for the Thanksgiving table that you’re obviously preparing three months in advance, maybe you can use some other decorations. Perhaps fall-colored oven mitts, holiday-themed dish towels, pumpkin picture frames, owl figurines, turkey window decals, or turkey figurines. 


Reader Jennifer spotted these aisles of Thanksgiving decorations at her local Dollar General Store. (Confusingly, Dollar General stores are not dollar stores, but sell things at various price points.)


What’s interesting are those plastic bags for cooking on the grill in the middle of the first display. You can use those to bake a particularly juicy turkey in the oven, but is Dollar General really encouraging customers to get ready to cook their Thanksgiving turkeys on the grill? That’s still pretty early, so let’s hope not, and that this is just a seasonal-section coincidence.

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

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