McDonald’s Driver Texts Customer To Ask If His Spit-Filled Meal Was Tasty

Some people like it when they get a follow-up call or e-mail from a business asking if they were were satisfied with their experience. That’s not so true for the McDonald’s customer in South Korea who got a text from a McDonald’s delivery driver asking him if he’d enjoyed the extra helping of saliva on his food.

Our former step-siblings at Kotaku have more details on the story, but it basically comes down to this: The customer ordered delivery from McDonald’s. The driver couldn’t find the customer’s house, in spite of being given directions via text several times. The food ultimately arrived and the customer chowed down.

But then, around 40 minutes later, the customer gets a text from the driver asking “Was the saliva spit good?”

Disgusted, the customer called McDonald’s where the manager was initially skeptical that an employee would actually send such a text. Alas, he did.

McDonald’s has apologized to the customer and the employee quit before he could be fired.

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