If Someone Calls To Sell You Insurance For Obamacare, Hang Up And Call The FTC

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While we’re starting to hear more about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act now that there are only a few months left until the health insurance mandate is in place and all Americans are supposed to have coverage. What you should know and remind the people you care about, though, is that no one is supposed to call you up to sell you any kind of special insurance.

Most Americans have coverage through their employer or that of a spouse or employer, so they’re all set. They don’t have to buy anything. Everyone else, from temporary and part-time workers to the self-employed and the unemployed, has to wait until insurance exchanges open up for ordinary citizens to browse and shop for health care. You can get basic information at HealthCare.gov or by calling 1-800-318-2596.

We repeat: you can call them. They will not call you.

If you do receive such a phone call (or any other kind of scam call, for that matter) you should call the FTC at or file a complaint at FTCcomplaintassistant.gov. 1-877-FTC-HELP is an easy number to give to members of your family who still have landlines and who don’t use the Internet regularly. Okay, we mean your elderly relatives.

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