Motorists Snap Pictures Of Idiots On Back Of Tractor-Trailer, Don’t Call Police

The state police in Massachusetts are scolding the people of that state for getting their priorities wrong. Lots of people took and posted pictures of two teens riding on the back of a tractor-trailer outside of Boston. What they failed to do was use the phones that we presume they took those photos with and actually call the police.

The Massachusetts State Police posted one version of the photo on their Facebook page, and posted a statement full of exasperation with the general public.

We would like to remind the public how unsafe and illegal this is. This photograph and other similar photographs are circulating regarding this incident. The Massachusetts State Police did not receive any phone calls regarding this incident as it was occurring, yet several drivers took photographs of it.

Maybe the motorists assumed the police had already been told. You can, however, call up the police on speakerphone while driving. It’s harder to take a picture without looking at your phone.

We don’t like to scold our readers, but we’ve been known to when someone has a problem with a business establishment, but snaps a picture and shames the establishment on social media or writes to us instead of trying to address the problem in person. We understand how the police feel.

One photographer insists that drivers were trying to alert the driver, presumably using the universal hand signal for “there are two idiots on the back of your trailer.”

State Police Furious About ‘Stupid And Reckless’ Expressway Stunt [CBS Boston]

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