Does The World Really Need An Adult-Sized Big Wheel?

big wheelThe adult-sized tricycle, that makes sense to us. Not everyone who wants to pedal around using their own power has a good sense of balance. What doesn’t make sense to us is this adult-sized Big Wheel, intended for people who want to recapture their childhoods and weigh up to 275 pounds.

It could also work for extremely tall toddlers, we suppose. The bike is now marked down from its “list price” of $899.95, so hurry up and get on that while it’s only $645.

Some of the reviews are obvious jokes, but others, we’re not so sure. For example:

This thing is awesome. Exactly as advertised. A quality built piece of equipment that seems every bit worth the price tag. Yeah I wish it was cheaper too. I roll with my 2 young kids on their fisher price bikes. We have a blast. Can cruise with either in my lap too. I go 6′ 220 and have ridden it pretty hard. All the neighbor dads have worked it out pretty hard too around the traffic circle drifting and power sliding around. No problems yet. Feels solid. I only wish they would buy one so I had someone to ride with.

High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike [Amazon] (via The Worst Things For Sale)

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