Got The Wrong Credit Card Returned To You At A Restaurant? Maybe Don’t Go Buy Stuff With It

One night I was momentarily blinded by the exceptional handsomeness of a bartender and walked out of an establishment with a credit card that was not my own. Aghast, embarrassed and in need of my own property/funds, I immediately called the bar to admit my mistake and promised to return the stranger’s card and swap it for mine. I did not, as one woman is accused of doing, use it to go buy stuff. Because that’s fraud and you’ll get arrested, see?

Of course it’s not the woman’s fault that the waitress handed her the wrong credit card after dining at a seafood restaurant for her birthday, as CBS San Francisco reports. But perhaps there was a moment where said customer realized “Oh, that’s not my name on this card. I should probably walk back inside and give it back.”

It’s unclear whether this was just a mix-up or a deliberate attempt at fraud, but the cops say the woman left the restaurant with it in any case, and proceeded to make purchases with it at a nearby mall.

Police say the owner of the card tried to cancel the card upon realizing it had wandered off, and realized there had already been transactions made with it. The restaurant owner handed over an image of the suspect from the surveillance camera, and the proper owner used it to find the person with her card at the mall.

Cops arrived on the scene and took it from there, arresting the woman on suspicion of commercial burglary and credit card fraud.

East Bay Woman Accused Of Credit Card Fraud After Restaurant Mix Up [CBS San Francisco]

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