Customers Accuse GameStop Of Reprinting Wii Game, Flooding Used-Game Market

231331bBack in 2012, Nintendo published a game called Xenoblade Chronicles. It was only sold at GameStop and directly from Nintendo, and they only published a limited number of copies. It was  scarce and hard to get hold of until very recently. It was like someone found a hidden warehouse: every GameStop store in the country suddenly had bushels of copies to sell at $90 each. Where did these games come from? 

Conspiracy-minded gamers think they know: GameStop had the “used” copies printed in order to take advantage of the vibrant market for the limited-edition game. An anonymous source tells our estranged sibling site Kotaku that GameStop had these new copies printed but didn’t shrink wrap them so they could pass them off as “used.” After all, you can’t charge $90 for something that’s just a reprinted version of a rare game.

Kotaku says that they contacted GameStop and Nintendo and asked for comment, and are waiting by the phone for an answer. We can’t wait to find out what’s going on, and sent our own message over to GameStop.

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