All You Have To Do To Be A Contestant On The Price Is Right Is Make Weird Faces & Be Excited

Start practicing your facial contortions and excited outbursts of enthusiasm if you want to be a contestant on The Price Is Right. While they won’t guarantee you’ll win anything, they’re likely to get you noticed, explains one winner. Oh and bringing a box of donuts to hand out in line isn’t a bad idea, either.

We’ve heard about the multitude of taxes winners have to pay, but what we’re dealing with today is strategery. Yes, strategery, spell check. How do you get to the front of the bunch, the one beloved by the show cameras and fans inspired to cheer for your eventual victory over all others? Step one: Wear a theme T-shirt, like one woman’s group idea to wear “I love The Price Is Right now” attire, stemming from her mantra “I love right now.”

Step two: Get crazy with your face.

“Make all these weird faces and be excited,” the woman tells the A.V. Club of how she worked it when the cameras turned their beady gazes on her. She was also lucky to have been seated in the front row before and learned a lesson when she didn’t get called to play Plinko that time.

“This time, though, my friends that I was with were as enthusiastic as I was,” she says. “What I learned from the first time I went was to really turn it up. You have to be enthusiastic to be good on television.”

Grabbing attention early on, before the audience is even loaded into the studio, is a big plus, as well. She says she and her friends bought donuts from an area staple beforehand and handed them out to people in line, as well as show employees.

In the end, she walked off with $33,000 in prizes. That could buy a whole lot of T-shirts and donuts.

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