The Sandwich Index: How Much Will Your PBJs And BLTs Cost This Year?

Image courtesy of (Triborough)

It’s time to start making preparations for the coming school year, and that very important question: what do your kids want for lunch? Every year, blogger Lem Penzo calculates how much different types of sandwiches will cost per serving, then compares it to other types and the same sandwich in past years.

The cheapest sandwich on the list, predictably, is the classic bologna. This depends on the type of ingredients you use, naturally: organic whole-grain bread and the fanciest bolognas will bump up the cost just a little bit. That applies to all sandwiches, though. Or all food.

The bacon-crazed Internet will be sad to learn that the bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich comes in as the second most expensive. Sad, but not surprised: after all, it includes both bacon and fresh vegetables. The most expensive sandwich is the tuna salad sandwich.


The cost per sandwich depends on a few other factors, though: like what you consider a “serving.”


Penzo calculates that he saves $500 a year by packing lunches for his kids, and also gets to serve them something healthier than the trays his kids’ school is charging $2.75 per day for this year.

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