Penitent Burglars Return Loot To Scene Of The Crime, Along With Apology Note

What in the world would compel a suspected criminal to return to the scene of the crime — beyond a total lack of common sense? In the case of one recent burglary, after a thief realized who he or she had been stealing from, an overwhelming sense of regret appeared to prompt a return of all of the victim’s stolen goods.

A center that offers help to sexual assault victims suffered a huge blow after a thief broke into the California facility, clipping wires to deactivate the alarm system and wreaking general havoc.

“Our office is really secure,” said the woman who runs the facility. “We have the best locks. But they still managed to find a way in.”

Whoever broke in made off with a load of computer equipment, and was long gone by the time the cops showed up. The woman who runs it explains to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services that she overheard a police officer discussing what had happened with local area transients who had flocked to the scene.

“He was explaining what our facility does and the services we provide to the community. …I left around 1:30 a.m.,” she said.

A mere few hour later, she got another call from the cops — the burglar had come back, toting all of the computers that had been stolen earlier that night.

The burglar left a note, explaining the return of the items :

“We had no idea what we were takeing (sic). Here your stuff back. We hope you guys can continue to make a difference in peoples lives. God Bless.”

The woman who runs the center thinks that the transients spread the word about what kind of work happened at the facility, somehow it got back to the burglar or burglars.

Burglar of Sexual Assault Services Center Returns Items, Leaves Apology Note [Governor’s Office of Emergency Services]

(H/T to NPR News)

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