Man’s Fellow Shoppers Would Appreciate It If He Kept It In His Pants While Perusing Pillow Aisle

Shopping for bedding can be quite a heady experience — all those different thread counts and pillow fillers! — but one man’s fellow shoppers at a Marshalls Home Goods store would really appreciate it if he kept the pillow-induced hanky panky at home.

Police in the Texas town say an unidentified man has twice now been caught on surveillance video in the last few weeks exposing himself near the pillow aisle of a Marshalls. His fellow shoppers spotted him as well, reports

“From what the witnesses have told us he was masturbating right there in public,” said one of the police officers.

During the most recent episode, two women witnessed the man’s open-air show and reported it to store management, as well as police.

Cops say if the man is caught he’ll be charged with indecent exposure, but so far he seems to slip away and escape once his cover is blown. That is not a euphemism, so get your minds out of the gutter.

Man caught on camera allegedly exposing himself at Marshalls Home Goods store []