Domino’s Pizza Is So Used To Complaints, It Can’t Take A Compliment

domgrabYou know how some people are conditioned to believe that any statement directed at them must be a complaint, so they don’t know how to react when someone says something nice? That’s apparently the mindset of whatever robot responds to customers on the Domino’s Pizza Facebook page.

A scan of posts by customers on Domino’s page turns up all manner of anger and disappointment about cold, late pizzas, but Consumerist reader MG came across what appears to be a bona fide compliment from a customer.

“Best Pizza Ever!” wrote the customer in the caption to her photo. “Keep up the good work guys!” She even included a smiley face emoticon.

To which the Domino’s auto-apology ‘bot replies, “So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference# 1409193 so we can have this addressed.”

It’s possible that the Domino’s bot saw through all the exclamation points, smiley faces and kind words and read this as a sarcastic comment. If so, then it has a better sarcasm detector than we do.

Regardless, it’s still better than Bank of America’s embarrassing Twitter system that can’t wrap its head around the fact that a non-BofA customer might reference the bank in a Tweet.

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